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  • i like talking to you guys 
  • please
  • i dont bite 

I’m ready!

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Jisbon: I bet their first kiss will be intense, slowly and Jane will grab her by the neck.


Uff… You are killing me  :D

Yeah …and It will be a soft kiss, he wants to be gentile, while Lisbon is just surprised and let this happen, cause her feels are taken over her.

Jisbon: I bet their first kiss will be intense, slowly and Jane will grab her by the neck.

i just need that Lisbon saying: and “this is my partner Patrick Jane.”

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I was sitting here thinking how much things have actually changed between Jane and Lisbon. Season 1,2 and 3 Jane would have ribbed the crap out of Lisbon for dating someone, and he would have acted differently (and did). Now, a few seasons later, Jane is no longer ribbing Lisbon,…


Jane + his snuggle couch… 

how about Teresa’s arms?

Track Title: Smaug (3D Audio)



Okay, so I have this obsession fascination with binaural audio (3D sound). I was very bored, so I tried to convert an existing audio file to emulate 3D sound. I think the end result sounds pretty cool. Headphones are required!

this actually sends shivers running down my spine. wow.

Where are you thief?


I have important exams tomorrow and I’m here checking what Benedict said in Australia. Where are my priorities seriously. 

No ship should go down without their captain…!

which episode was this? 

can someone tell me where I can watch the third season of Castle?


-Hannah Trigwell-Hallelujah(cover)

It’s wonderful!

  • It's so sad, seeing the mentalist fandom split and not really motivated. We need to stay strong, give each other strength, show affection to the show and characters,(even we don't like some storylines now) ...and hope they renew it! We've been so far!

"Benedict [Cumberbatch] was our only choice, and as soon as Martin [Freeman] and Benedict were together, Steve leant over to me and said, 'There's the show'."
— Mark Gatiss [x] (via skulls-and-tea)