It’s time to come back.

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I don’t want a marriage. It’s…awh, no not now. Let’s the last scene be like:

Teresa: I’m pregnant.
Patrick: Oh my…what?
Teresa: You’re not happy? Oh god. You’re not happy!
Patrick: Uhm…no no. I’m …happy.
Teresa: We’re happy?!
Patrick: Yes we are.

Yeah! That would be enough.

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Do we seriously believe that this man would be tempted by the likes of Erica Flynn? Please!

I think, it’ll be a blast to see that harpy finally get her comeuppance - delivered by team Jisbon!

I agree. Unless the writers do something colossally foolish (which I really don’t think they will in this case), there is nothing to worry about. Erika Flynn is in no way a danger to J/L’s relationship. 


I’m with you guys, I totally agree!

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Forty years ago, a vast molten cavity known as the Darvaza crater – nicknamed the “door to hell” – opened up in the desert of north Turkmenistan, and has been burning ever since. Now, Canadian explorer George Kourounis has became the first to make the descent into the fiery pit to look for signs of life (x)

Spock is that you?

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Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t find me attractive
Look me in the heart and tell me, you won’t go
Look me in the eye and promise no love is like our love
Look me in the heart and unbreak broken it won’t happen

It’s love that leaves and breaks the seal
I’m always thinking you would be real,
happy and healthy, strong and calm
Where does the good go, where does the good go?

— Where does the good go?
- Tegan&Sara
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Omg u evil.

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To the very best of times, John.

That wasn’t the end but it still HURTS so fucking much.

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congratulations to sergio ramos for not receiving the first red card of the world cup

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"you machine!”


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Okay guys…I need some romance on my dash. Be prepared for another Jisbon kiss reblogging session.



I’ thankful for that.

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Do u suddenly ask yourself: wait are we really canon? did it really happen?
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Question of my life.

Question of my life.

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Reblog if you are in The Mentalist fandom


I need to follow more TM fans :)

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 Dennis Abbott, Jisbon shipper king…..

That’s why i love this fandom.


 Dennis Abbott, Jisbon shipper king…..

That’s why i love this fandom.

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Support qetirukhadze's campaign to get a million hits for “The Kiss” on the official CBS TM youtube channel by 2015!.

I could watch it forever :)

C’mon, hit that baby! You know you want to!

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